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2017 Planners' Day at the Capitol

The 2017 Planners' Day at the Capitol will be held February 1, 2017 in Jefferson City. A tentative schedule of the day's events is below:

10 a.m.: Potential meeting with state legislators
10:30 a.m.: Potential meeting with state legislators
11 a.m.: Great Places in Missouri awards presentation - 3rd Floor Rotunda - House Side
12:30 p.m. : Potential meeting with state legislators
1 p.m.: Potential meeting with state legislators

The planning committee is currently reaching out to legislators; there are no meetings officially scheduled at this time. If you are interested in participating in these meetings to speak on the value of planning in Missouri, please contact Megan Clark at MeganClark@MissouriState.edu by January 15, 2017. 

Missouri Chapter Dues

APA is requiring all Chapters to move to a percentage based dues structure by 2017.  Currently, APA Missouri dues are $25 per member (tied for lowest of all Chapters). APA Missouri has not raised dues since 1984 ($25 in 1984 = $58 in 2016) so the Chapter Board is assessing an appropriate dues level to best serve our membership. The Chapter, in collaboration with the KC, STL and Ozark Mountain Sections, has worked hard over the last few years to expand our services to members, but we are limited by our current dues levels. APA Missouri conducted a survey to gather member feedback regarding the proposed dues increase.

Survey Results Summary

  • 111 survey responses (20% of membership)
  • 61% support a percentage based dues structure of 25%
  • 23% did not support
  • 16% aren’t sure

To view complete survey results, click here.

The APA Missouri board will be voting at its next meeting on Dec 8 on a percentage based dues structure (per the requirement from National). Note: changes won’t go into effect until January 2018. If you have any additional comments/feedback you would like to share with the board prior to the meeting, please email us at info@apamissouri.org.

Have a question about the increase? For a list of frequently asked questions, click here.

For a list of proposed Chapter programs and activities , click here.

To view the APA Missouri Fiscal Year 16 budget that was presented at the annual business meeting, click here.

UMKC Self Study

The University of Missouri Kansas City has achieved Candidacy Status for Planning Accreditation from the Planning Accreditation Board. We are undergoing review for full accreditation in Fall 2016. The UMKC BA Program in Urban Planning + Design Self Study  (UMKC Final SSR Part I-III 2016.pdf) explains how we meet the accreditation criteria for professional planning education. These criteria are available on the Planning Accreditation Board’s website: http://www.planningaccreditationboard.org/.

Successful professional accreditation of the UMKC program will support the planning profession in Missouri. Professional accreditation means the UMKC program is committed to standards developed and accepted nationally by members of the planning profession. It means that our curriculum undergoes continuous assessment and guarantees review of academic efforts by planning professionals in APA and AICP.

Click here to Download. 

2016 APA Missouri Conference - "MO Planning, Less Problems"

The 2016 APA Missouri Statewide Planning Conference was on October 5-7 at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, MO. This year's theme is "MO Planning, Less Problems" a fun take on how Planning can solve problems for Missouri's communities of any size while including all citizens in the Planning process. "The more Planning we come across, the less problems we see."

The 2016 Keynote Speaker was Dr. Tom Daniels, author of The Small Town Planning Handbook and The Environmental Planning Handbook. Dr. Daniels teaches Graduate-level courses in Land Use and Environmental Planning at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. 

2016 Planning Award Winners

Outstanding Plan:  Wellston First Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan

Outstanding Project:  Moving Monett Forward

Outstanding Tool:  Midtown / Plaza Area Plan Bowl Concept

To view the press release, click here.

RFPs and RFQs

There have been some recent additions to our RFP / RFQ section. Check it out here

If you would like to become a member of the Missouri American Planning Association, please fill out a member application at http://www.planning.org/join/. Once National APA approves your application, it will be forwarded to MO APA. If you would like to become a member of APA-St. Louis Section, Click here.

The Missouri APA Board is made up of eleven voting members, ten of which are elected to office. The eleventh member is the Immediate Past-President. There are also five non-voting members of the Board. These positions are appointed by the President. View the current Board Member list.

Currently the Chapter has 544 members statewide. The Chapter also has three sections: Kansas City, Ozark Mountain and St. Louis Metro.

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